Yoga at Work

All Levels Yoga

Your team will enjoy our all-levels classes. We’ll release your neck, shoulders and hips and work your core and balance—a little bit of everything for everyone. It is designed to clear your head, balance your body, and reinvigorate you. It includes breathing, stretching, strengthening, relaxation, and meditation.

Yoga At The Desk

This class is designed to bring balance back to your mind and body with breathing and yoga practiced at your desk and chair.  No change of clothes required

Yoga For Events

Kick off an event with Off-site yoga sessions.

A yoga class is perfect for group retreats, networking events, gatherings and executive meetings to start the day off with a clear mind.  Reward employees, peers and partners by showing you care and allow them a little time to focus on their health.

Organisising Yoga At Work

  1. Set up a consultation with Corporate Yoga Connection to discuss your company’s goals and to learn more about your organization.
  2. Schedule a class or series of classes with one of our instructors to fit your schedule and budget.
  3. Enjoy the benefits of an accessible, yet challenging practice designed for your specific needs.
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