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Flexible Mind

At the office, by sitting all day our bodies naturally become tighter and hold more tension so we feel stressed. That’s because humans are designed to release stress by moving.

When we’re in the office staring at a screen those stress hormones have nowhere to go. When they build up in our bodies, we feel on edge, unfocused and disconnected from our colleagues and self.

But don’t fear, Corporate Yoga Connection is here to change that…

 Yoga and Meditation releases stress hormones, pumps up blood flow and gives us clarity and energy. You’ll see better moods and brilliant brain-work all day long and you’re team will feel more connected.  

Be a warrior, not a worrier 

CYC Classes help some of the busiest, hard-working and most creative people in Sydney feel stronger and more relaxed 

How can we help you do the same?

Delivering Yoga to these Companies

A Mindful Worker Is A Happier Worker

Yoga is known as an exercise, a form of meditation, and a way to relieve stress.

Stress is lessened, and work feels somewhat lighter after yoga.

It’s more likely people in the office are working with a clearer and more focused mind.  This means

  • Time better managed
  • Tasks accomplished more efficiently
  • Problem-solving skills sharpened
  • Decision-making moments are better executed

ThankYOU for trusting us

Would like to give Claudia & her staff recognition for their efforts over the past few weeks as part of our health campaign here at StarTrack.

The professional approach your team has shown over the past few weeks has been nothing but perfect. All participants and staff doing the class has been supportive of these classes and also found a great amount of benefit to their work & personal mood/attitude.
Anas Dib - StarTrack
Injury and Prevention Management Operations
We’ve been working with Claudia and her network of teachers for over a year with rave reviews from our team at Solo Services. Claudia cultivates an open, welcoming atmosphere that is truly a break from the work day. She also designs her classes to be accessible to beginners, yet appropriately challenging for those who are more experienced. She’s reliable, easy to work with, and really knows her stuff.
Jayanth Kumar - Solo Services
Head of Business Development
We’re so impressed with Claudia. She’s very real and down to earth, the attendees loved it and Claudia made it perfect and accessible for beginners.
Hayley Neil - WeWork
Community Manager
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